Below is a portfolio of ‘pebble’ artworks by artist Glenn Goring. Please click on a thumbnail for more information and a larger view.

These decorative and highly original pebble ‘ropes’ are made from a combination of extremely durable, weather resistant Alpha plasters.  In appearance, the pebbles look exactly like the real thing and virtually as tough but they are in so many ways more exotic and colourful.  The patterning and colouration are not superficial, i.e. Not painted on the surface but, like metamorphic rock, integral to the material itself – patterns, shapes and lines go right the way through.  Also, glittering elements are blended into the mix to give a magical sparkling effect.

Each pebble is individually hand-made and then polished in a stone tumbler.  The largest pebble measures about 9cm and the smallest about 2cm.  The longest ropes in the photos are two metres (approx.) and the shorter about a metre, but any length can be made to order for hanging inside or out.

As each and every pebble is totally original, their individual details would be virtually impossible to reproduce.  However, the general sense of a basic style or colour could also be made to order, for instance to blend-in with a particular decoration or environment.  Please don’t be afraid to make an enquiry.



To Purchase:

One metre: £40.00 + £7.00 shipping One metre: £40.00 + £12.00 shipping


Two metres: £80.00 + £12.00 shipping Two metres: £80.00 + £22.00 shipping


If you require any other length, please contact Glenn at for details.