Glenn Goring

Glenn’s creative art is concerned mainly in trying to re-define the familiar. He takes an everyday object and works out a way of making it surprising so that you have to look at it several times and ask yourself questions about its identity. He attempts to strip subjects of their accepted meaning so they appear to belong to a kind of alternative reality. For Glenn theatre props and objects placed in a theatrical setting also radiate a similar atmosphere, which he strives to inject into his work.

Glenn also finds the medium of plaster a fascinating and versatile material. With the addition of colour, he can achieve startling, abstract results. It can also be sculpted, cast, and made to appear like cracked rock. The bowls are a practical solution to displaying the beauty of the material’s decorative qualities.

Presently Glenn is working on a series of paintings depicting insects, animals or other visual ‘events’ discovered in unexpected settings.



1967: Began training as picture restorer.
1970: Designed and painted inner gatefold for Comus’s album “First Utterance”.
1973-1976: Gained a BA in Fine Art at Ravensbourne College of Art.
1981: Began career as a freelance picture restorer, copyist and portrait painter.
1983: Designed and made ceramic relief tiles.
1989-1990: Became member of the International Institute of Conservators and nominated as official copyist for the National Portrait Gallery.
1990: Began experimenting with Alpha plaster as a painting and 3D medium.
1995: Began using tinted Alpha plaster as material for decorative bowls and furniture.
1995: Worked on a series of 3D objects/sculptures using domestic appliances.
2007: Commenced series of paintings depicting insects and the unexpected.

1988: Exhibition of surrealist sculptures with D.Truzzi-Franconi at the Tilt Factory Framlingham, Suffolk
1992: Exhibition of sculptures and plaster paintings at the Altamira Gallery, Banbury.
1995: Exhibition of paintings at Swan House Gallery, Beccles.
2006: Exhibition at the Norwich Arts Fringe Festival’s City Trail.
2008: Exhibitions of paintings and objects at: Regatta Fine Art, Burnham Market, Norfolk & 6 Artists at the United Reformed Church, Norwich

1969-1972: Played guitar and composed songs with the band Comus. Recorded the album ‘First Utterance”.
1982-1984: Wrote, produced and designed 2 stage plays performed by Norwich Experimental Theatre in Norwich.
1985-1986: Designed and built 2 shop interiors in London and Norwich.
1986-1987: Completed an MA in Creative writing, University of East Anglia.
1990-2005: Wrote short stories and a screenplay, as well as a 30 minute television drama produced by East Anglia TV.
2008: Performed with the reformed Comus for the first time in 37 years at the Stockholm-Helsinki Melloboat Music Festival.

2012: Release of Comus EP ‘Out of the Coma’