Illusion 1

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The original 8mm film was shot when I was studying my art degree in 1975. I rediscovered the reels, nearly destroyed by mould, in a box under the stairs, and had them digitally converted. I edited the resulting, (damaged and richly atmospheric) conversion and added ‘audio atmosphere’ and FX as the original footage was silent. At the time I was fascinated by the ubiquitous electronic transference of information. Like everyone else I took this amazing technology for granted. The transmission of television signals, radio waves – now WIFI – these totally invisible things that populate and effect our lives so profoundly. This filmed piece (what I thought of as a poem to the unseen) was my rather surreal attempt at intercepting the incalculable amount of information hidden in the ‘invisible’. In itself the act of casting the screen while the transmitted images continued to flicker beneath the wet and dripping plaster was, for me, a visually exciting experience and not a little hazardous.

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