BOOK BURIAL – film (student work 1975)


Two identical, professionally bound books
consisting of 600 blank pages, were each
given titles representing headings from
Roget’s Thesaurus. Book 484 was Roget’s
heading for the term “Discovery” and Book
507 for the term “Expectation”.
The pages of Book 484 and 507
were filled with identical notes,
poetry, and narratives mostly
concerned with subjects
and interests of a philosophical nature,
albeit from my own imagination.
However, whereas the text in 484 was
hand written in black ink and pencil
and therefore perfectly legible to the
naked eye, 507 was written entirely
in invisible ink. So, these apparently
blank pages held a secret that was clearly
readable in 484. Ironically, as the film shows,
484 was encased in cement and dropped into
the sea at Southend where it can no longer
be read. Book 507 on the other hand
resides on a shelf, its contents
accessible but totally unreadable without
the warming effect of a flame.
GG October 2011

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