THE CLEARING (guitar composition 2012)


Performed at Norwich Arts Centre 6th April 2013:


Saturday 6th April 2013
8:00 PM

Courted by Bowie in his Arts Lab days, Comus created impassioned and complex rock music with a medieval flavour that to this day defies a satisfying definition. They made just two albums, of which their debut, 1971’s First Utterance, has become the Holy Grail for acid folk collectors. It has influenced a generation of musicians, and was even midwife to the birth of black metal.
Comus’ fanatical fan-base has spawned exponentially across the web in recent years. In 2008, Comus devotee Michael Akerfeld, from Opeth, persuaded them – against all the odds – to reform for what turned out to be an electrifying, tumultuously received appearance at the Melloboat Festival in Sweden an event that attracted fans from around the world.
Comus concerts are extremely rare and not to be missed. They have lost none of the intense live quality that has helped make them one of the most unique and influential cult bands the UK has ever produced. Over the last 40 years this influence has gone far beyond the folk scene into many diverse genres.
Comus are Roger Wootton, Glenn Goring, Andy Hellaby, Colin Pearson, Bobbie Seagroatt, and Jon Seagroatt, who between them play six and twelve string acoustic guitars, bass guitar, violin, viola, flute, recorder, saxophone, bongos, and an array of percussion instruments.

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